Frontiers in Transportation 2015

An Update on Social Networks and Travel

Workshop 2015


Beaumont Estate, Windsor (UK)


July 24th 2015


Authors Title University Download
Ben-Elia, Klein Social Cooperation in Transportation: From Fiction to Fact BGU PDF
Bhat A New Social Interaction Discrete Choice Model Accommodating Unobserved Effects Due to Endogenous Network Formation UT PDF
Calastri, Hess, Choudhury Investigating the Influence of Social Networks on Travel Decisions U Leeds PDF
Carrasco, Jirón, Rojas, Tudela Disentangling Personal Mobility Strategies: An Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Instrument in Concepción, Chile U Concepción PDF
Circella, Fulton, Berliner, Alemi, Mokhtarian, Handy Lifestyles, Residential Location, Adoption of Emerging Technologies and Social Networks, Car Ownership and Mobility Choices of Millennials UC Davis PDF
El Zarwi From Trend Spotting to Trend Setting: Modeling the Impact of Major Technological and Infrastructural Changes on Travel Demand UC Berkeley N/A
Gerike, Hössinger, Auer, Brög Travel Patterns of Adults in Households With Children Aged Below 6 Years: Investigating Social Interactions and Framework Conditions BOKU PDF
Konrad, Wittowski Social Media and Mobility Behavior of Teenagers and Young Adults - Connections of Two Dimensions of Mobility ILS Dortmund PDF
Lee, Goulias Companionship and Time Investment in Social Fields at Different Life Cycle Stages: Implications for Activity and Travel Modeling and Simulation UCSB PDF
Maness Comparison of Social Capital Indicators from Position Generators and Name Generators in Modeling Activity Selection U Maryland PDF
Pike, Lubell Social Influence and Transportation Mode Choice in Ego-Networks of University Students UC Davis PDF
Tan, Chua, Axhausen Ego Networks and Social Geographies in Singapore FCL & NUS PDF
van den Berg, Arentze, Weijs-Perrée Dynamics in Social Activity-Travel Patterns TU/e PDF
Zhang, Jiang Household Members’ Relative Influences in Stated Joint Choice of Residential Location and Commuting Mode: A Comparison with Other Typical Household Choices U Hiroshima PDF