Frontiers in Transportation 2013

Social Interactions

Workshop 2013


Munich, Germany


July 31st - August 4th, 2013


Authors Title University Download
Abou-Zeid, Schmöcker, Belgiawan, Fujii Mass Effects and Mobility Decisions AUB, Kyoto U, PDF
Arentze Individuals’ Social Preferences in Joint-Activity Choice: The Role of Fairness and Asymmetric Evaluation of Costs and Rewards TU/e PDF
Avineri Incorporating Social Aspects in a Prospect Theory Model of Travel Choice AFEKA PDF
Bhat, Dubey A New Spatial Multiple Discrete–Continuous Modeling Approach to Land Use Change Analysis UT PDF
Carrasco Space, Time, and Social Support Dynamics in Personal Networks U Concepción PDF
Dubernet, Axhausen First Results of a Household Joint Activity-Travel Multi-agent Simulation Tool ETHZ PDF
Dugundji Sociodynamic Discrete Choice: Equilibrium Behavior of the Nested Logit Model With Social Interactions CWI N/A
Feld Nearly Everyone Knows Someone Who Knows a Star Purdue N/A
Guillot Social Norms and Traffic Behavior: Citizenship Culture as Public Policy in Bogotá, Colombia Hertie PDF
Joubert A Social Dimension to Urban Freight U Pretoria N/A
Matous, Todo, Pratiwi Need for Speed: The Connecting and Disconnecting Powers of Motorized Transport in Rural Indonesia U Tokyo PDF
Miller Modelling Information & Learning in Agent-Based Models of Activity/Travel: Issues & Options U of T PDF
Nakanishi, Gourdon, Nash Public Transport as Catalyst for Social Interactions: How it Works in Low-density Environment? UC PDF
Okushima Analysis of Eco-mobility Shift Considering With Heterogeneity and Social Interaction U Tokushima N/A
Páez Walking and the Potential for Social Contact McMaster PDF
Rave, Goetzke Automobile Ownership, Happiness and Peer Effects UofL N/A
Ryley, Zanni Integrating Discrete Choice Modeling With Social Interactions to Examine How Travelers React to Uncertainty Caused by Extreme Weather Conditions Lboro PDF
Sharmeen, Arentze, Timmermans Population-wide Social Network Dynamics With Life-cycle Events: Modeling approach and First Analyses TU/e PDF
Shiftan The Relationships Between Social Networks, Activity Patterns and Driving Behavior Technion N/A
Unbehaun, Uhlmann, Gerike No Car - No Job? Interaction Between Mobility and Professional Activities of People in Rural Areas BOKU PDF
van der Berg, Arentze, Timmermans Social Interaction in the Neighbourhood: A Multilevel Analysis TU/e PDF
Woodcock, Aldred Changing Commutes? Exploring the Uptake of Cycling to Work Trough an Agent-based Model Focusing on Social Interactions and Social Norms Cambridge N/A

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