Frontiers in Transportation 2011

Social and Spatial Interactions

Workshop 2011


Niagara on the Lake, Canada


20th - 22nd October 2011

The Social Dimension of Activity, Travel and Location Choice Behavior, Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 31, July 2013 - Special Issue

Authors Title Download
Clark, Scott Does the social environment influence active travel? An investigation of walking in Hamilton, Canada DOI
Etterna, Zwartbol The structure of joint leisure trips: analyzing two-person leisure trips of Dutch students DOI
Farber, Li Urban sprawl and social interaction potential: an empirical analysis of large metropolitan regions in the United States DOI
Kowald, van den Berg, Frei, Carrasco, Arentze, Axhausen, Mok, Timmermans, Wellman Distance patterns of personal networks in four countries: a comparative study DOI
Matous, Todo, Mojo Boots are made for walking: interactions across physical and social space in infrastructure-poor regions DOI
Miller Beyond sharing: cultivating cooperative transportation systems through geographic information science DOI
Ryley, Zanni An examination of the relationship between social interactions and travel uncertainty DOI
Scott, Dugundji, Páez The social dimension of activity, travel and location choice behavior DOI
Sunitiyoso, Avineri, Chatterjee Dynamic modelling of travellers’ social interactions and social learning DOI
Wang, Lin Built environments, social environments, and activity-travel behavior: a case study of Hong Kong DOI